What is Sen-Kalathari ?
Sen-Kalathari is ……
Liberation of the mind

Sen-Kalathari is said to exist in the deepest part of the human heart. Sen-Kalathari refers to spiritual energy points.

What is Sen-Kalathari?
Sen-Kalathari is also known as a "Psychic Line" or an "Emotional Line." The therapeutic effects of this Sen-Kalathari energy line are recognized in Thai traditional medicine for the following: digestive system disorders, indigestion, hernia, paralysis of the arms and legs, knee pain, jaundice, whooping cough, finger arthritis, chest pain, shock, rheumatic heart diseases and cardiac arrhythmias, venous sinusitis and sinusitis, pain in the arms and legs, angina pectoris, epilepsy, schizophrenia, hysteria, various mental disorders, and mental disabilities.

Each line has different effects. If you wish to learn about the ten main energy lines, please contact the Academy of Thai-Yoga Massage / THE SUNSHINE NETWORK JAPAN.

Psychic lines are invisible to the naked eye; they represent the flow of energy. There may be areas where this flow might be obstructed. These blockages of energy flow are known as spiritual energy points. These points can vary subtly from person to person.

When we touch these points, it’s called Kalatharian massage.

Regardless of the intensity of the pressure, these points are extremely delicate. This means an approach must be determined instantly based on how it harmonizes with the receiver. Forcing anything would be counter-productive, so this technique can only be practiced on a recipient who is ready and receptive. Moreover, the degree of pressure adjustment varies depending on the circumstances at that moment, and is influenced by the level of trust established between the practitioner and the receiver.

Massages are conducted on a one-on-one basis, requiring a sufficient amount of time to address individual needs of the recipient. This can make the sessions highly inefficient. Additionally, due to the passive nature of the process, the recipients may tend to become dependent on the therapist.

How can we demonstrate the effectiveness of Kalathari and convey its benefits to people?

For the past 20 years, Kaori Endo has been diligently contemplating the answer to this question, conducting various practical experiments. For 16 years, she studied in Thailand, the home country of Thai massage. From July 2016 to March 2020, she resided in Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand. During this time, she visited and collaborated with Thai masters, conducting a study that involved a one-hour "Sen-Kalathari" treatment on willing participants who acted as test subjects. The examination aimed to assess the stress levels of stem cells in the blood using PBMCs (Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells).  However, continued attempts to gather evidence in this manner proved costly and eventually prove unsustainable. Additionally, in the case of one-on-one treatments, there is a limit to the number of individuals a single practitioner can treat at once. As a result, the Kalatharian Dance, a part of the Kalatharian Method, was developed to enable a larger number of people to experience the benefits of Kalathari simultaneously, by discovering ways for individuals to work on themselves.

A dance incorporating movements to stimulate the energy line, called Sen-Kalathari, was created. In order to confront the deep realms of the unseen Sen- Kalathari and undergo a shift, it is essential for the dancer to release the energy blockages within their own body. Without achieving this, the significance of performing this dance cannot be felt. In other words, it does not lead to an enhancement of the senses that allows one to gain various realizations in their everyday life. Since this clearing process involves realms of which one is often unaware, feedback from a capable third party is required. Kaori Endo specializes in conveying the state of the recipient’s Sen-Kalathari by touching their body after they have undergone this clearing process. However, she can often not “touch” those who are unprepared.

Endo herself had an experience where, despite working with a mentor, she was told, "I cannot release that tension for you because you are not ready to face this pain." Subsequently, following various challenges and training for 16 years, she finally reached a point where she was prepared. Only at that moment, after having endured a long and arduous journey, was she able to have that one specific area she desired to be “touched.”  For that reason, when she met a Medicine Woman through a fateful encounter, she asked for her help to create a path of "clearing,” which precedes the process of connecting with Sen-Kalathari.  Having first gone down this path themselves would make it possible for Endo’s future clients to reach the same level of “preparedness”  through a much shorter route.

To this end, when Endo met this Medicine Woman from Bali, Indonesia, named Jro Fushe, the Balian, in a destined encounter, she requested Fushe’s services and underwent "Asian Soul Beauty (a system to clear energies and establish a “pillar”)" through a process known as Pasupati. This is an energy work that connects the recipient with sacred light and breathes life into the person. The message she received was the understanding that "my role is to convey to others the wonderful effect of connecting with Sen-Kalathari.”

The easiest way is to be a Kalatharian.

Let’s be Kalatharians!!