A Message to You, an Apprentice on This Path


Our ultimate goal at ATM is send into the world individuals deeply connected with themselves through meditation, and who regard themselves as “meditators” rather than mere “practitioners.” They can then widely contribute to people through the use of the techniques based on this wonderful, traditional medicine of Thailand. 


Our school's curriculum is designed to meet the study time requirements for issuing certificates in Thailand. We believe that each student has their own preferences and learning goals in each course. Depending on the circumstances and physical condition of each student at the time of the course, they may not feel a sense of achievement after just one session. There may be a period of stagnation before the level of skills improves, not only in Thai massage, but in general. The breakthrough point for each student varies. Anyone who has chosen to walk this path must continue to progress step by step and raise their own levels. That's right! You have chosen to face yourself and engage in meditation on your own! Sometimes you may feel “lost”, and that's okay. The goals of those who walk this path are diverse. Please understand that the time and training duration required for each student to achieve their goals can vary, and is based upon their physical condition and level of consciousness. Let us walk together. 


For Salon Owners, Healthcare Professionals, and Neuroscientists 

We eagerly look to collaborate with researchers who can help us collect and analyze data on the effects of the energy line known as "Sen-Kalathari," which has been passed down for approximately 2,600 years, and is unique to Thai traditional medicine practice.

After more than twenty years of research on the unique energy concept of Thai traditional medicine called "Sen-Kalathari," we have conducted a study to quantify the effects of "Sen-Kalathari" using numerical data. This study involves measuring the stress levels of stem cells in the blood after just one hour of "Sen-Kalathari" treatment using PBMCs (Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells).

Due to its enigmatic nature, the number of successors for this ancient tradition has been decreasing. Between 2016 and 2020, while residing in Chiang Mai, Thailand, every time I heard rumors of its existence in remote areas, I embarked on a journey to uncover its depths. Unfortunately, however, during my time in Thailand, I did not meet any legitimate successors who could truly unravel the essence of this energy line. As it is a rich and remarkable tradition, I am determined to pass it on accurately to the next generation. I am seeking like-minded individuals who share the same vision. To lend your expertise, please feel free to contact us.

Academy of Thai Yoga Massage
Sunshine Network Japan
Kaori Endo
(Member of Shugendo Osaka Sango Headquarters)